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A girl from the village, lost deep, deep in the woods,
Arrives at a mansion of the night, faded letter in hand...

She knocks on the ominous manor's damaged door;

Villager: "Is anybody there?"
Butler: "My, do you need some help?"
Doll Girl: "WEL-come..."
Doll Boy: "To our WON-drous mansion..."
Maid: "Let me serve you tea! ♪"

Everyone gathers, and the guest is "appraised";

Master: "A meeting such as this, you know, must be fate!"
Doll Twins: "Then we will party! Party!!"

"Let us welcome you!"

Doll Boy: "Hurry, hurrY!!"
Butler: "Pour the wine!"
Maid: "Be merry, be festive! ♪"
Lady: "Let us give a toast!"
Doll Girl: "Are you readY??"
Mistress: "Are we, indeed?"

"Then let us begin!"

You are the lead actress in this Crazy nighT, all dressed up with a glass of wine
Once you're just drunk enough, won't you enjoy yourself so?

Sing, dance, make merry, forget what's sweet and bitter
'Til the point of madness, enjoy a Happy☆nighT!

The night after the banquet, something seemed amiss
She went to sleep and awoke, but morning never even came...

Doll Girl: "Shall WE..."
Doll Boy: "Tell you a SE-cret...?"
Doll Twins: "Take a look at the clock... ☆"

The girl became scared, and fled into a secret room
And opening the heavy door, she found...
"JesuS! JesuS!!"
A pile of coffins...

Mistress: "Oh, dear..."
Master: "So you saw it..."
Doll Boy: "DangeR!! DangeR!!
Maid: "Don't be scared, please? ♪"
Doll Girl: "Where are you goinG??"
Butler: "Where, indeed?"

"Please, wait! ♥"

You are the lead actress in this Crazy nighT - is all according to script?
What, then, of tonight? What EndinG? It's all up to you, you know...

Search, look hard for a Happy endinG, but mess up the order, and it's all over ♡
Does the True enD lie in the coffins? Ah, is it another Bad∞End∞Night?

Villager: "What can I do to get back home?"
Master/Mistress: "Once the play is over..."
Butler/Maid: "Then you shall return..."
Villager: "The key to the Happy endinG..."
Villager: "Where has it ended up?"
Villager: "That coldly-glinting key..."

Villager: "...I fooound it."

I am the lead actress in this Crazy nighT, plunging a knife into your skulls
And once I'd swung it just enough... I began to enjoy myself so... ♥♡

Run! Run! Run for your life! Forget the play and the lines!
'Til the point of madness, break apart this Bad∞End∞Night...

You are the lead actress in this Crazy nighT; the cast and the stage are all gone
And with the story over, now, shall we all leave together?

Sing, dance, make merry, forget what's sweet and bitter
'Til the point of madness, enjoy a Bad∞End∞Night!

In the now-silent room, a shadow gave a round of applause
"A good show you put on tonight..." And it picked up the letter, weeping...
:bulletblue: Song : [link]

:bulletorange: Picture : [link]

I wanted to do a fan fiction of this song but....I dunno how and plus to lazy to do it XD
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